36. Adam Houlahan On How To Master Social Media

36. Adam Houlahan On How To Master Social Media


Adam Houlahan

Social Media Mastery

Adam Houlahan four years ago didn’t have a Facebook account and had never seen Twitter or LinkedIn. Roll forward to 2015 & his profile is rated by LinkedIn in the top 1% worldwide. LinkedIn uses his profile in their own marketing campaigns and he is the most viewed profile in Australia for social media professionals every day. Adam has amassed a follower base in excess of 400,000 people globally across multiple networks, that still grows by thousands of new followers every week.

He regularly presents specialising in Social Media for small to medium business, & consults to a number of clients in Australia, North America, the Philippines, Singapore & The Middle East. In this episode we hear what he deems the most valuable lessons to implement right now in the social media ecosystem.

During my conversation with Adam Houlahan he shares:

  • How he came to develop an interest in social media
  • How he helps his clients and their businesses position themselves as industry leaders
  • The outcome-based strategy process used to ensure ability to scale
  • The long-term approach in social media for sustainability
  • The incentives to drive followers to your sales funnel
  • How to best manage your social media profiles
  • An example of a successful marketing campaign
  • How he personally transfers followers or connections on social media to his own database
  • Lead magnet ideas that build trust with potential customers
  • Pros and cons relating to landing pages
  • Why LinkedIn is the essential personal social media tool;
  • How he gets testimonials or recommendations from previous customers/clients


Adam’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business

  • Apple – for their world-class service and suite of integrated products


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“Why you always want to bring people to your website as opposed to your social media profiles, is at the end of the day, that the only thing you really own is your database and your website. Facebook owns facebook, twitter owns twitter and they change the rules all the time” Adam Houlahan

Your social media should be used to position yourself as a thought leader, or your business as the go-to business, drive everything, always, back to your website and build your database there, and do your conversion and sales there” Adam Houlahan



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