50. Customer Retention And Loyalty With Adam Posner

50. Customer Retention And Loyalty With Adam Posner


Adam Posner

Customer Retention And Loyalty

Adam Posner has been on my radar for some time for his involvement in researching customer retention and what it takes to make a loyal customer. While there is quite a lot of information globally, there is little in-depth research into the Australian market. Adam changed that by commissioning an independent study called ‘For Love or Money’ and has also authored two books, ‘Give Back to Get Back’ and ‘Making Price Irrelevant’. Adam Posner is the CEO and founder of Directivity.  Having been a data-driven direct marketer for 23 years, he has been involved in a range of customer loyalty and retention strategies and programs for clients like BlueScope,  Quest Hotels and Apartments, Mt Buller, Global Beauty Group, Chemplus, Horseland, and Milwaukee Tools. Adam is all about helping his clients establish and maintain valuable loyalty programs that are both profitable to the business and meaningful to the members.

During my conversation with Adam he shares:

  • His knowledge of the changing landscape of loyalty and customer retention
  • Why a customer retention strategy should be your focus to growing your business
  • Why you must know your buying behaviours before creating a retention or growth strategy
  • Why customer loyalty can look different even in like-businesses
  • The most common mistakes people make in their rewards or loyalty programs
  • The key components required to maximise the benefits of a retention program
  • Formal vs informal programs
  • Findings from his ‘For Love or Money’ research studies
  • How to generate topics for marketing content of value for your market
  • The 9 steps to a valuable loyalty program; and
  • Essentials for growing your customer list


Selected Links For This Episode

  • Access Adam’s 3 Research Reports & Book for FREE at The Loyalty Point
  • Adam’s 9 Steps To A Valuable Loyalty Program
  • Connect with Adam on LinkedIn
  • Directivity – Adam’s business website
  • Tom’s – Adam’s international examples of a customer-centric business for having a bigger purpose than selling their products
  • Foxes Den – Adam’s local example as a customer-centric business for including a surprise and delight after an error in their order
  • Omnific Design – Adam’s professional example of a service provider he uses that pre-empts his website needs


“Your existing customers are your advertising”-Adam Posner


“If we focus on existing customers being the most effective way to attract new customers, then your business can grow effectively”-Adam Posner


On social media commentary about businesses: “As much as is it’s a challenge to manage what people say on social media and on review sites. It’s also an opportunity for business to continuously be better and minimise those mishaps that create a problem on your reputation.”-Adam Posner



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