41. Customer Experience Is The Brand With Alex Allwood

41. Customer Experience Is The Brand With Alex Allwood


Alex Allwood

Customer Experience Is The Brand

Alex Allwood is the Director of The Holla Agency and author of ‘Customer Experience is the Brand’. Alex is an author, speaker and businesswoman who believes that great experiences get people talking. For over twenty years she has helped brands grow by creating simple, feel-good customer experiences that people talk about and share with their friends. In this episode we talk all things CX – customer experience on a physical and digital level.


During my conversation with Alex she shares:

  • Common misconceptions about Customer Experience
  • Online and offline channels as part of the customer journey
  • Examples of businesses who have identified areas of focus to improve customer experience & increase productivity
  • The thought process in determining customer experience areas of need
  • The customer journey/purchase mapping process
  • Why it’s essential to think beyond focusing on customer touch points
  • How her team create focus groups to determine a true and balanced view of a business
  • Why we need to look beyond customer touch points to processes, people and systems
  • How small businesses can create their own focus groups
  • Methods of measuring customer satisfaction
  • Why additionally, measuring customer advocacy is essential
  • The need to set clear objectives before starting your own customer experience improvement strategy; and
  • The value in incentivising and rewarding staff for contributing to generating exceptional customer experiences


Alex’s Examples Of Customer-Centric Businesses


Selected Links For This Episode


“What delivers competitive advantage is the customer experience”-Alex Allwood

“If you satisfy the customers’ needs across the whole of the journey, then we know that they will proactively advocate and recommend that brand”-Alex Allwood

“We expect to go online and things to be easy and that’s the benchmark that’s set”-Alex Allwood

“Change to better the customer experience comes from measurement. Without measurement, it’s all anecdotal”-Alex Allwood



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