3. Compliance, minimising risk and people management with Alison McGrath

3. Compliance, minimising risk and people management with Alison McGrath


Alison McGrath

Improving Business & Minimising Risk

My guest this episode is Alison McGrath. Alison tells the experience of the ultimate betrayal from a staff member, employee fraud. She shares how she helps other business owners minimise a variety of potential risks with a focus on recruitment strategies, people management and compliance. She is a HR Professional working with business owners/managers of small & medium sized businesses as their outsourced HR Solution Partner. Partner at McGrath HR and author of ‘Getting the right balance: A simple guide to people management and recruitment’, Alison McGrath has run her own medium-sized enterprise and now dedicates her time to helping other’s protect their businesses and their staff.

Through her experience she has identified three main problems business owners face when it comes to people management which she shares in this podcast.

During my conversation with Alison McGrath, she shares:

  • The consequences of her employee’s fraud
  • How to protect your staff and your business
  • Compliance measures to minimise risk in your business
  • Why you may be way-off in your staff selection criteria
  • How an industry outsider can be the most profitable employee
  • Employee performance appraisal vs a coaching approach
  • Systemising compliance processes
  • Minimising stress for staff in review process
  • How to manage under-performance
  • The policies you need to protect your staff and yourself
  • Team building opportunities

So if you want to know what you can do to minimise risk in your business, make better employee selection and management decisions, this episode is for you!

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Who’s customer-centric?

Alison’s examples of customer-centric businesses:

  • The Brown Dog Cafe for their warm welcome, acknowledgement and service; and
  • Alison drives a round trip of 76km to Violet Brown for their authentic service and experience.


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