13. Andrew Griffiths On Building A Business That Customers Would Fight For

13. Andrew Griffiths On Building A Business That Customers Would Fight For


Andrew Griffiths

Building Business Advocacy

Andrew Griffiths is a small business and marketing expert. He has authored 12 books, published in over 60 countries. As a business owner for 30 years in industries including retail, tourism, advertising and now, consulting, Andrew’s advice is a combination of street smart wisdom, practical concepts and productive triggers, derived from the hard learned lessons in his own trial and error, as well as years of close observation and identification of the characteristics shared by the uber successful. Andrew’s speaks all over the globe on topics including business trends, marketing, customer service, overcoming adversity, thinking big and inspiring others.

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During my conversation with Andrew, he shares:


  • How to apply your expertise effectively
  • How to sell a stack of products and have your customers wanting more
  • How to quickly build rapport with customers for maximum effect
  • How to stand out in a crowded market
  • The power of storytelling for business
  • The two simple things a cafe did that boosted their turnover by 30%
  • The effect of copying our competitors
  • The negative impact of business owners habits that rub off on staff
  • How one business with a solid customer connection fought to save it; and
  • How one simple, low-cost gesture made for a memorable customer experience (that over 100,000 people now know about!)


Andrew Griffiths is an informative, entertaining and empowering speaker. In this episode he shares no-nonsense, actionable ideas that can easily applied to businesses of all kinds. You’ll love hearing the stories Andrew shares on customer engagement. from a superior shoe-shopping experience through to the story of a company on the brink of administration whose customers protested to save it!

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“There can be a nasty habit of taking existing customers for granted. They become like part of the family and we treat them that way”Andrew Griffiths


“Our existing customers are also the ones who are going to help us and save us in our tough times”Andrew Griffiths


“Would your customers fight to save your business?”Andrew Griffiths



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