35. Freedom In A Cafe Business With Ben Coyle

35. Freedom In A Cafe Business With Ben Coyle


Ben Coyle

The Cafe Guy

Ben Coyle The Cafe Guy has owned his cafe and bar in inner city Melbourne, ‘The Dancing Dog’ for almost 15 years. He hasn’t worked ‘in’ his business for ten years and during that time has seen many other cafe owners struggle to stay in business. As a result, he’s developed his own hands-on training system and published his first book titled, ‘Spilling the Beans’, a guide for new cafe owners. Ben’s purpose is to help cafes open their doors and keep them open.

During my conversation with Ben Coyle he shares:

  • How his natural therapies business became a bar and cafe
  • The common and avoidable mistakes made by cafe owners
  • Why he believes cafe owners are an vital component of communities
  • How to identify the best staff when recruiting to achieve consistency of service
  • The value in articulating what you need from your staff
  • Customer service, acknowledgement and positive body language
  • His marketing and PR methods
  • His tips for increasing profitability
  • How he works on his business for only 10 hours a week
  • The benefits of his connection with community events and causes; and
  • How he’s been working on the business instead of in it, for the last ten years


Ben’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business


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“You’re only as good as your last smile and your last coffee in this business”-Ben Coyle

“One of the biggest costs are staff so you need to figure out when your staff aren’t being productive and change that…Time to lean? Time to clean!”-Ben Coyle

“The biggest thing is trust, that’s the only way you’re going to get freedom. The systems you put in place and choosing the right staff is key”-Ben Coyle



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