57. Mastering Performance With Damien Colbert

57. Mastering Performance With Damien Colbert

Damien Colbert

Mastering Performance


Damien Colbert is the owner of 10k Consultants. His business is focused on supporting people to make wise decisions so that they can master their work performance while ensuring alignment with customer needs.

Damien has worked across commercial, nonprofit and government sectors successfully designing and delivering solutions for managers across industries including energy, engineering, professional services (IT), transport and logistics, healthcare and retail.  He has translated his experiences from a career with large and medium sized organisations into the development of pragmatic solutions that focus on wise decisions for individuals and businesses. Damien’s drive to continually improve business performance is framed through the lens of effective engagement of people that achieves the goals of the business.


During my conversation with Damien he shares:

  • Why making better decisions is the key to individuals and business performance
  • The need to understand the ‘why’ of how bad decisions are made
  • The 3 pillars of a wise decision
  • Examples of surface level decision-making effects
  • The compounded results of static minded behaviour
  • How to begin collaborative input towards better business outcomes
  • His 5 performance principles to enable wise decision making
  • Powerful questioning techniques to move staff to a positive mindset
  • The need to revisit decision-making effectiveness
  • The difference between concern-driven and inspiration-driven decisions


Damien’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business


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“If you can make great decisions, you can always improve performance” Damien Colbert


“A lot of the time we make poor decisions and then try to rationalise our behaviour around it rather than starting with rational information and making a great decision” Damien Colbert


“A growth mindset drives people to want to be great contributors to the team. A fixed mindset creates selfishness and silo-ed-type behaviour where people want to contribute for themselves at the expense of the team” Damien Colbert


“Questions reveal more than statements…Ask not from a critical mind but from an inquisitive mind. People will then feel more appreciated” Damien Colbert
“Ask ‘What do you think?’ rather than ‘What do you know?’ ‘What do you know?’ merely goes on a historical point of view. ‘What do you think?’ starts to say ‘let’s analyse this…let’s move this forward and allows for growth in a conversation’. ” Damien Colbert


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