2. Exceptional service with Darren Finkelstein

2. Exceptional service with Darren Finkelstein


Darren Finkelstein

‘Honey Let’s Buy A Boat’

Darren Finkelstein is ‘The Boat Guy’. He is the go-to leader in his industry. In this episode Darren shares how he provides immeasurable value for his clients before, during and after the sales process. Author of ‘Honey, Let’s buy a boat‘ and ‘Honey, let’s go boating!‘, Darren is the co-owner of St. Kilda Boat Sales in Melbourne, Australia. In this episode Darren divulges what he does that provides exceptional value for his customers and potential boat-buyers.

During my conversation with Darren, he shares:

  • How he went from star Apple staffer to star boat industry-leader
  • How customer problems create revenue generation divisions
  • The value of understanding target market and product maintenance cycles
  • How he uses education to create awareness and drive sales
  • How customers become your sales people
  • Removing barriers to purchase by understanding client’s concerns
  • How your knowledge is your marketing content
  • How client trust is earned and kept; and
  • Why identifying his perfect customer is key to business longevity

In addition to being a great, down-to-earth guy and super salesman, Darren now educates others how to better service their clients in the boating industry. He willingly shares how he tunes into his customers’ problems and concerns at all stages of the purchase consideration process. Regardless of what space you work in, you’ll get great value from tuning into this episode. Enjoy!

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Who’s customer-centric?

Darren’s example of customer-centric businesses:

  • www.apple.com for their retail model and the customer experience from staff who care.

“If we look after the client and make their experience complete and pleasurable and take the hassle away, the natural thing is they’ll …tell their friends about it” Darren Finkelstein



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