58. Digital Strategy With Doyle Buehler

58. Digital Strategy With Doyle Buehler


Doyle Buehler

Digital Strategy


Doyle Buehler is known as “The Digital Dude”; he helps small businesses and entrepreneurs globally become Outrageously Outstanding Online.

A former military pilot and Aerospace engineer, Doyle has spent the last 14 years in the business world with start-ups and online ecommerce businesses around the world. He has an MBA in Leadership, and is the author of: “The Digital Delusion: How To Overcome The Misguidance and Misinformation Online”-  a book about digital strategy and online business leadership. His book discusses the new disrupting reality of the online industry, and what business leaders can do to get beyond the clutter and distraction of the online world . He does this through properly developing his client’s digital ecosystem, including strategy, content planning, social media, SEO, website development, sales funnel implementation and marketing automation.

Doyle recently won the Smart 100 Innovation Award, ranking as Australia’s 100 most innovative products, with his digital leadership methodology amongst other significant business awards. He holds a number of US Patents for devices and online business methods.

He is making waves online as well, with his iTunes podcast, Breaking Digital. He has a growing online learning community where he teaches his digital leadership methodology. Doyle is regularly on the road, speaking about social media, digital marketing, and most everything about online business, and spreading the word about digital leadership.


During my conversation with Doyle he shares:

  • The starting point for effective customer connection regardless of platform
  • What a digital ecosystem is
  • Best tools to use to monitor online reputation
  • How to choose the correct social media platforms
  • How to monitor customer engagement online
  • How to minimise the distractions of digital
  • Who should manage your social media
  • How to use digital as a sales process
  • How many businesses ineffectively use their website or social media platforms
  • The need to identify your customer’s journey; and
  • How to move people researching online through to becoming a customer.


Selected Links For This Episode


On being abreast of the newest social media platforms:


“If you ask ‘why I am doing this business?’… we can get down to the essence of your business. Once you do that it doesn’t really matter what’s next. If you look at the fundamentals, it works regardless of what platform comes up next.” Doyle Buehler


On developing trust through digital platforms:

“People need time to adjust to who you are. Understand what your mission is and understand the value that you’re going to provide to them” Doyle Buehler


“If you start with a very solid digital strategy you won’t be having to put out fires. Because you can manage it. You know what you’re delivering, who your audience is, what their expectations are” Doyle Buehler



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