66. More Patients, More Profits & Less Stress With Dr Jesse Green

66. More Patients, More Profits & Less Stress With Dr Jesse Green

Dr Jesse Green

More Patients, More Profits & Less Stress

Dr Jesse Green has been in dentistry for 22 years, has owned several practices and has coached or consulted in excess of 145 more. As a result of this experience, he knows the strategies that do and don’t work in this industry. In his business Practice Max Mastermind, he works alongside dentists to accelerate their practice growth & put them on the fast track to achieving their goals. Jesse has created a system to support dentists who are in their own practice and navigates them to experiencing outstanding commercial success. Jesse is the host of Savvy Dentist podcast and is also author of Amazon bestseller ‘Retention – How to Plug the #1 Profit Leak in Your Dental Practice’.


During my conversation with Jesse he shares:


  • Why values are integral to business success
  • Examples for how to create a meaningful connection with clients
  • His experience and success in being able to retain clients
  • The impact of being clear on our ideal patient (client) avatar
  • Processes of ‘systemising’ and ‘humanising’ explained
  • His four step process to encourage referrals
  • The conversation he has with clients to
  • How to reduce the client ‘churn’ rate
  • The benefits of ‘pre-appointing’
  • His tips to manage workload as both a service provider and day-to-day operations


Jesse’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business


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“Being values-driven produces profitability and a better customer experience, but it’s also fulfilling for the people within the business” Dr Jesse Green


“To develop client relationships takes time and effort and energy but it yields much better results” Dr Jesse Green


“Look at how you can build moments of connection. Ask ‘How would an exceptional or inspiring business behave at this particular moment?” Dr Jesse Green


“It’s important to remember the lifetime value of a client. The larger ‘sales’ will come at subsequent appointments. By the time you’ve developed a relationship with that patient, they’re far more likely to know you, like you and trust you. And as a consequence of that, they’re far more likely to ‘buy’ from you” Dr Jesse Green


“There a gear shift that needs to happen that involves moving from client-facing and delivering great experiences to being the person who builds teams who deliver great experiences for their clients” Dr Jesse Green


“What I have observed with Dentists is, when we can build and lead a team who can deliver great outcomes for patients, the practice begins to grow exponentially in terms of profitability and time freedom…The owner then has the capacity to take some time away from the business and know that when they get back to work, their bank balance hasn’t been savaged and has grown in their absence.”  Dr Jesse Green


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