8. How to Creating Compelling Content with The Word Stylist - Elizabeth Campbell

8. How to Creating Compelling Content with The Word Stylist – Elizabeth Campbell


Elizabeth Campbell

The Word Stylist

Elizabeth Campbell loves writing. First published as a teenager, today she is an editor, writer, and speaker about the power of well-crafted words amongst other topics. When you hear Liz talk about writing it becomes immediately apparent that she lives and breathes this stuff. Elizabeth knows the value that lies within carefully composed content for business and shares with us who does it well, what we could be doing better and a simple tip to get on the first page of Google.

During my conversation with Elizabeth, she shares:

  • How written words can help or hinder the customer acquisition process
  • The value of words to accurately reflect a business and it’s people
  • What constitutes valuable content
  • How you can make a sale without ‘salesy’ language
  • How to create your own compelling content
  • Essentials for your ‘About Us’ page
  • Why your business could benefit from a blog
  • How to repurpose information you’ve already published
  • Building lifelong client relationships through authentic content
  • How vital consistency of message is; and
  • How to get to the first page of Google with very little effort

Elizabeth’s passion for content writing is apparent from the get-go. Apart from being a fun, likeable person, Liz gets results. Once you hear this interview, you’ll understand why. Tune into this episode to learn some easy-to-implement tips for your business. I really enjoyed this interview. I’m confident you will too.

Selected links for this episode

Who’s customer-centric?

Elizabeth’s example of a customer-centric business:

  • FNQ Apartments for their procedures before booking accommodation to pre-empt customers’ needs www.fnqapartments.com

“Words are everything. Get your message right and the rest will fall into place” Elizabeth Campbell – The Word Stylist



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