53. Explosive Network Growth With Francesca Moi

53. Explosive Network Growth With Francesca Moi

Francesca Moi

Explosive Network Growth

Francesca Moi is known as the MeetUp Queen. Starting afresh as an Entrepreneur in Australia, Francesca realised that the power lies within your network. With no friends or family in Australia, Francesca decided to grow her networks and community and she did this using the MeetUp and Facebook platforms. Francesca has since created a system to show her clients how to build a profitable network of raving fans. From 0 members to over 10 000 people in her meetups, Francesca has generated a 6 figure business for herself and her clients via workshops and training programs. Due to her success, she was soon labelled “The MeetUp Queen”. Francesca is also the author of the recently published book “Follow Me – Shutttuppp and Build your Network!”


During my conversation with Francesca she shares:

  • How the ‘MeetUp’ platform works
  • How she got started with her ‘MeetUp’ groups
  • Why honesty and authenticity is key to building a following
  • How she leveraged her contacts from networking
  • What you need to do develop and KEEP a community/following
  • How she incorporates Meetup with facebook groups
  • How businesses across a variety of industries can use Meetup for education and exposure
  • The keys to building a long-term community
  • How she develops content for Meetup events and products
  • Her confidence and skill level when she started Meetup events
  • Advice on how to improve each event
  • Her suggestion on frequency of events; and
  • Her business goals for the year ahead


Selected Links For This Episode

  • Follow Francesca The Meet Up Queen on Facebook


On business using Meetup platforms: “Meetups are about a community. It’s not for a business to sell. It’s for like-minded people to come together” Francesca Moi


“We need to build trust. You’ve got to give, give, give and when people are ready, they will come to you” Francesca Moi
“You have to share your personal facebook for your business without selling…then it’s easier for them to take the next step with you” Francesca Moi


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