23. Values And Client Experience with Greg Aleckson

23. Values And Client Experience with Greg Aleckson

Greg Aleckson

Values And Client Experience

Greg Aleckson is the creator of the Sustainable Profit Strategy. He is an advisor, mentor and speaker who devised his strategy over 10 years of making good businesses great. Greg’s focus is on simplicity over complexity in trying to achieve financial and time freedom for his clients. In this episode he talks about his work with owners and management of an aged care centre, how they are significantly changing the experience of their residents, their staff and the business overall.

During my conversation with Greg he shares:

  • The importance of articulating a clear business vision
  • How vision is often inaccurate and hinders direction
  • How he develops strategy from a vision created by key stakeholders
  • Why asking the customer what they want can prove unhelpful
  • How being clear on a business owner’s vision can create stronger management-staff alignment
  • Examples of the benefits for staff from this process
  • How businesses move between cost-focus and customer-centric focus
  • An example of how an approach driven by vision has had significant impact for clients and business
  • His work in assisting business owners to achieve work-life balance
  • An example of how process-driven businesses can create poor customer service


Greg’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business


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“There’s no point going into a business and simply doing what you’ve seen done by others. In order to create a point of difference you need to have your own vision as to what you are going to do differently, why you want to do this”-Greg Aleckson


“You need a vision first of all because that’s going to direct how you operate day to day. But in between, you need a strategy for how you’re going to make decisions and guide processes. You need to convert your vision to a strategy and then you need to put in place the operations.”-Greg Aleckson


“Where things go wrong is that we often expect our customer to know everything about what they may want”-Greg Aleckson


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