28. Crushing Growth Goals With Hunter Boyle

28. Crushing Growth Goals With Hunter Boyle


Hunter Boyle

Growth Goals

Hunter Boyle has produced triple-digit gains for businesses since the dot-com days. He’s a business builder, global adventurer, speaker and philanthropist. Hunter helps organizations optimize their sales and marketing ROI at Optimization Co-Pilot. Hunter’s passion for optimisation and content marketing has fueled over 400 articles, webinars, workshops and podcasts, ranging from Entrepreneur and Newsweek to Marketing Professionals, Marketing Sherpa, KISSMetrics, ConversionXL and many more. I love the phrase on his website landing page “Let’s crush your growth goals”. It’s a solid commitment to getting results.

During my conversation with Hunter he shares:

  • The danger of SEO optimization used in isolation
  • Examples of powerful co-marketing initiatives for SME’s
  • How he doubled an email list and grew social media by 1400%
  • The strength of a “value first” marketing approach to attract new customers
  • What to do to set your business apart from your competition
  • The downside of growth and how to effectively manage change
  • How to prioritise social media channels for your target market and boost sales
  • Why you MUST discover your unique value proposition for the market and where to discover it
  • The benefits of competitive analysis and customer feedback
  • The impact of bundling to increase profitability; and
  • His unique and brilliant answer to how to be more productive and get results


Hunter’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business

  • Optus – for solving his connection issues with external solutions


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“The co-marketing approach helps to expose new audiences to your products or services with the glow of that referral or recommendation from a brand they already trust”-Hunter Boyle


“If you’ve already made that first impression and you’ve gotten a customer to buy from you once, hopefully and ideally if you’re providing that excellent experience, it’s easier, it costs a lot less for them to come back than it does to acquire new ones in case they don’t come back”-Hunter Boyle


On How To Achieve More Freedom In Business:

“Make sure you’re not getting sucked into that mindset where you’re feeling inadequate if you’re not working 90 hours a week or if you haven’t figured out how to do your 4 hour work week yet. You’re okay. Being okay with the hard work and where you’re at is 1. Number 2, figure out what your systems and processes are for working most efficiently. If you can be more focused and productive it helps you to set those boundaries and get away from all the distractions. Prioritise and work with what’s in front of you”-Hunter Boyle



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