38. Capturing Emotional Engagement With Jason Malouin

38. Capturing Emotional Engagement With Jason Malouin

Jason Malouin

Emotional Engagement

Jason Malouin is a photographer, more specifically, a headshot and portrait specialist. Through his businesses, Portrait Store and Jason Malouin Photography, Jason creates photographs and imagery, headshots and otherwise, to help businesses create an emotional connection with their clients. He’s very passionate about creating powerful, connected imagery and is not shy to tell everyone about it.

Originally from America (where super high quality headshots are available to most professionals), he wanted everyone in his adopted country of Australia to have access to the such powerful, intentional images for their own businesses. Portrait Store is still based in Brisbane with the main studio in Fortitude Valley.

During my conversation with Jason he shares:

  • His history from outdoors educator to in-demand photographer
  • How he has been able to replicate his style for employees to achieve
  • The key to getting the best shot
  • The value of emotional impact on an audience
  • How professional images
  • The value of niching in business
  • How he’s developed a business that has significant referral business
  • How partnerships are key to his next steps
  • Why skills aren’t always the most important element when hiring
  • How relationships are key to business growth for him; and
  • Why sharing content is important in driving business


Jason’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Experience

  • Wait staff in the USA – have to be customer-centric because every dollar depends on it


Selected Links For This Episode

“It’s a matter of respecting the audience enough that the image is of a quality and standard that equals what you or your business stands for”-Jason Malouin

“There’s nothing more important than being truly authentic. If you try to be anything other than 100% you, your audience is way too savvy. They will see that.”-Jason Malouin

“Creating a portrait is a conversation; a dance. It’s an exploration of who we truly are and how we communicate that with the world.”Jason Malouin


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