1. Diamond level service with Karl Schwantes

1. Diamond level service with Karl Schwantes


Karl Schwantes

Unforgettable Customer Experience

Karl Schwantes almost bursts with energy when you talk with him about customer experience. Taking the reigns of Xennox Diamonds, a family business that’s been around for 39 years, Karl has developed his own in-house service principles and frameworks to guide sales staff and deliver beyond customer expectations.

His skill at creating magnificent pieces of jewellery was honed as a child playing at the work benches in his parents’ business – Xennox Diamonds.

As an award winning designer; Karl’s mission is to keep the industry alive and vibrant, to empower people to invest in jewellery that is divinely unique and to make a difference in the lives of those who need it and love it.

During my conversation with Karl Schwantes he shares:

  • His opinion on the value of a ‘helpful mindset’
  • His unique jewellery design process via social media
  • The power of emotional connection
  • Why personalisation is essential
  • Why diversity in staff personalities counts
  • Why he doesn’t use traditional hiring methods
  • The need for an attractive work environment
  • Why the answer to everything is YES!
  • His most unusual jewellery request
  • What ‘pull’ marketing does for business; and
  • His G.I.F.T framework for initiating strong customer relationships

You’ll love Karl’s story about a customer experience that involves beer. Yes, that’s right, who would have thought we’d see beer and diamonds in one episode?! In this show there are plenty of valuable takeaways you can easily apply yourself. Grab an ice cold beer and enjoy this episode about how to create exceptional customer experiences, every time.

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Who’s customer-centric?

Karl’s example of customer-centric businesses:

“When you give a client something they didn’t think they could ask for, it’s an absolute game changer.” Karl Schwantes



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