39. Maximising Client Outcomes With Katherine Maslen

39. Maximising Client Outcomes With Katherine Maslen

Katherine Maslen

Maximising Client Outcomes

Katherine Maslen is an energetic and passionate naturopath and nutritionist. She’s also the owner and director of Brisbane Natural Health – a holistic health practice that, uniquely, provides a fixed-cost membership for a full health solution. Katherine is the author of Get Well, Stay Well: Reclaim your health and get back to living. She’s appeared on several television and radio stations as well as several health magazines and publications sharing her knowledge as a leader in the natural health field. Katherine Maslenis a passionate health advocate and you’ll hear it in our chat.

During my conversation with Katherine she shares:

  • Her personal journey that led to a career and business in natural health
  • The difference between symptomatic care and transformative health care
  • How she uses personality profiling when selecting staff
  • Beyond 1 to 1 consults to include collaborative staff involvement
  • Why she has moved her business to a minimum 6 months membership-only basis
  • The practice’s new marketing approach for 2016
  • How they maintain existing clientele
  • An effective approach to attract new clients
  • Why asking for recommendations for referrals is key to growth
  • How an existing database can increase profits; and
  • The lessons learned from implementing an ineffective rewards program


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“We’re not really interested in people who are looking for quick fixes. We’re looking for people who are looking to change their lives.”-Katherine Maslen

“We spend a lot of time with our clients identifying what they want out of treatment. We’re interested in transformational care and to do that, you need time and it’s not just about supplements and treatments. We’ve created a six month membership that includes unlimited care.”-Katherine Maslen


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