56. Profitable Hospitality With Ken Burgin

56. Profitable Hospitality With Ken Burgin


Ken Burgin

Profitable Hospitality

Ken Burgin is a former restaurant and cafe owner in Sydney who now works with food service operators worldwide to make their businesses more popular and profitable. He is the founder of the the leading industry website ProfitableHospitality.com, a resource for the latest information on food & beverage marketing, management and cost-control. Ken likes finding out the ‘why’ of business success, and the ‘why not’ of business problems. With more than 25 years experience in all areas of hospitality, Ken is the expert in how to optimise your hospitality business.


During my conversation with Ken he shares:

  • What makes for a customer-centric food business
  • What (other than the great food) staff can do to provide a great experience
  • How role-playing can help in increasing sales figures
  • How efficiency for us can mean a fantastic experience for our customers
  • How business owners should be spending their time to become more profitable
  • Why we should be sending monthly emails to our customers
  • What we need to be outsourcing to get on with important growth tasks
  • How we should be spending our marketing dollars
  • What we should and shouldn’t be doing in our marketing communications
  • How can we ensure we are not forgotten in a crowded market
  • The top 6 facts we need to know every week about our business
  • What we can build into our service to increase sales
  • An example of a business that has built in subtle cues to streamline service
  • How private facebook pages can be used for powerful staff communication
  • How SMS can be used in customer and staff interactions
  • How to manage reviews about our business
  • How to handle negative reviews online; and
  • Opportunities to connect with our customers & get testimonials via social media platforms


Ken’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business


Selected Links For This Episode


On developing solid customer-relationships “Thinking about those conversations we can have with customers. That’s trainable stuff and that’s something that we can get our staff to do” Ken Burgin


“Out of efficiency we actually create good customer experiences as well…if you have a good system to help your customer, what a difference it can make” Ken Burgin


“If you can be building your facebook following, you can then target your followers who like you and even those who are within 5kms that aren’t yet fans of yours” Ken Burgin


On building relationships with customers: “I wish more people would talk about what’s happening in your community. Tell us about it.” Ken Burgin


“When we get a good review, we’ve got to go in and thank those people” Ken Burgin


“Your staff know what could be more efficient or some way you could cut costs. Are you listening? Are you making an opening for them to tell you?” Ken Burgin



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