4. Strong customer and staff engagement with Kristian Mahony

4. Strong customer and staff engagement with Kristian Mahony


Kristian Mahony

The Retail Guy

Kristian Mahony is ‘The Retail Guy’ and host of ‘The Go-To Retail Show’ podcast. As a leadership coach and sales training specialist, he works with medium and large brands like Woolworths, A-Mart and Rebel sports stores, Kristian has the know-how and track-record of success to assisting businesses to grow with confidence. Kristian inspire retailers to challenge the status quo, to flex conventional methods, and embrace technology to drive growth.

Kristian continues to build his own brand whilst being remarkable at what he does; inspire retailers from around the world.

In this episode Kristian Mahony shares:

  • How to deliver remarkable customer experiences
  • The purpose of a ‘Net Promoter Score’
  • When to measure customers’ physical responses
  • His one big tip to ensure a lifelong customer
  • How to overcome staffing challenges
  • The 7 mistakes retailers make
  • His PREMIER model to avoid these common mistakes
  • How to develop emotional attachment to your brand
  • His long-term sustainable approach
  • Why some business are on sale while others aren’t; and
  • The key priorities for effective retail business management

CEO’s of million-dollar companies turn to Kristian for inspiration, insights and ideas on how to bring the best out of their retail businesses. Tune in for great advice that can be applied to small and medium sized businesses like yours.

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Who’s customer-centric?

Kristian’s examples of customer-centric businesses:

“At the end of financial year sale time. I looked around and took note of who was not on sale, and it was retailers that have strong emotional attachment to what they do” Kristian Mahony



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