60. The Customer Culture Imperative With Dr Linden Brown

60. The Customer Culture Imperative With Dr Linden Brown


Dr Linden Brown

The Customer Culture Imperative

Linden Brown is a Professor, keynote speaker and author who works with businesses around the world to improve competitiveness through the adoption of market-centric values, practices and skills. Linden’s business MarketCulture Strategies offers benchmarking, skills assessment and strategic planning for teams that results in measurable improvements in sales growth, profitability and customer satisfaction.  Linden is also the author of ‘The Customer-Culture Imperative’, a book that won Marketing Book of the Year 2015 – and it’s a book that unlocks the secrets used by businesses like  Amazon, Virgin, Apple, Starbucks, and salesforce.com. It creates a guide for success based on three years of scientific study drawing insights from more than 100 businesses to identify seven key factors for success.


During my conversation with Linden he shares:

  • An exceptional example of how to ‘make good’ with clients when a business doesn’t deliver on expectations
  • The need for staff to understand the concept of ‘lifetime value of a customer’
  • How he came to identify that a customer-centric culture can contribute to profitability
  • His research in determining the positive impact of a customer-centric culture
  • The 8 factors to measure to drive sustainable business performance
  • How in past businesses of his own he has used a collaborative approach to boost competitive advantage
  • The many benefits in cross-functional collaboration
  • Employee and target market engagement success stories


Linden’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business


“…identify the link between the well being of the customer with the wellbeing of the business. It’s not a transaction when we’re dealing with a customer but it’s a relationship” Dr Linden Brown


“We found that those businesses that were highly customer-focused in what they did as a culture, were much more profitable than other businesses” Dr Linden Brown


“You have to create a set of behaviours right across the entire business. Not only in marketing, sales and customer service but also in Finance, HR, IT and Operations….Everybody’s job is to make sure that value in the end, is delivered to customers in a way that makes them advocates which in turn, creates loyalty and profitability for the business” Dr Linden Brown


“Small business have the great advantage of being able to get everyone into a room… to get feedback and make changes quickly if we have the right mindset around customer-centricity to do it” Dr Linden Brown





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