31. Increasing Customer Recommendations With Marc Cowper

31. Increasing Customer Recommendations With Marc Cowper

Marc Cowper

Increasing Customer Recommendations

Marc Cowper is the founder and CEO of Recomazing an online social advocacy platform. Marc has been an innovator in digital advertising for over 13 years, advising many of the world’s leading brands on marketing strategies. Marc now advises these brands on how to achieve growth through customer advocacy. After seeing all types of businesses struggle to deal with the reduction in organic social reach, Marc developed Recomazing. The goal? to help deliver greater ROI on social for service businesses. The best bit? It’s FREE and always will be, for small businesses.

During my conversation with Marc he shares:

  • Stats on the power of customer testimonials
  • The ROI through social media opportunities
  • The untapped opportunity for positive recommendations online
  • How to increasing positive word-of-mouth with social media
  • The benefits for businesses AND consumers of positive-only reviews; and
  • How small businesses can access the recommendations service for FREE


Marc’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business


Selected Links For This Episode

  • www.recomazing.com to set up your small business FREE FOREVER standard profile and boost your social advocacy


“There is a big trend towards ‘being human’ for big business. Small business have always had it over big business in this way.It’s about personal relationships. That’s what people gravitate towards. That’s why people will always enjoy the service and have a high propensity to recommend small businesses over large businesses”-Marc Cowper


“Normally, people tell up to eight people about a good business experience but that largely happens offline…The average person has 338 friends on social so we supercharge that ability for word of mouth and then we show you data around your advocates. Who they are? What are they’re saying about your business so you can start to learn, what is it that people care about my business? what are these positive things that are really making a mark on them and making them so impressed with us that they actually trying to convert their friends to us? It allows you more insight into why your business is good and what you should be capitalising on, to further optimise your customer experience as well.”-Marc Cowper


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