63. Tourism & The Customer Experience with Mark Evans

63. Tourism & The Customer Experience with Mark Evans


Mark Evans

Tourism & The Customer Experience


Mark Evans is the owner of Paronella Park, a hugely successful heritage-listed tourist attraction in far North Queensland that has been in his family for over 20 years. During this time, customer service has been not only been their biggest focus, but has resulted in their biggest marketing successes. In this episode Mark reveals the many ways his family and team go above and beyond for every customer to ensure their visit is wonderful – focusing on the little details that amount to a superior experience. Paronella Park has an active and engaged Facebook community of over 20,000 fans, and thrives on partnerships and referral business.


During my conversation with Mark he shares:

  • Why boosting business doesn’t always need to cost money
  • Why people come to his attraction despite not knowing what it is
  • The unique history of Paronella Park
  • How he’s been able to resurrect the attraction and made it profitable
  • How they overcame the reputation of an abandoned location
  • The process they use to welcome guests
  • How asking questions is part of their relationship-building approach
  • How one thoughtful inclusion brings them repeat and referral business
  • A range of ideas used to ensure the customer experience is maximised
  • How their business has expanded to include a restaurant and accommodation
  • A facebook photo series that reached 1 million viewers across facebook as well as print and tv
  • How their newsletters helped them reach No.1 tourist attraction ahead of Fraser Island and Australia Zoo
  • The partnerships developed to drive business
  • How community involvement has driven new ideas; and
  • Listening to departing questions can help identify new opportunities


Mark’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business


Selected Links For This Episode


“We looked at it as us being the tourist. ‘How would the customer look at us?’ and ‘How would we like to be treated?” Mark Evans


“Think:‘What would a Japanese person or a Chinese person visiting Australia, like to try or taste?’ All the information comes when you know your markets, when you know who’s coming to your door and you get feedback. Probably more important than the positive feedback is actually the things that didn’t work out” Mark Evans


“You don’t stop reinventing… we turn everything on it’s head so that every staff member is able to work in every area.” Mark Evans


“Some of our best decisions came out of natural disasters. It made us stronger.” Mark Evans



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