22. Nathan Huppatz Talking How To Achieve Online Retail Success

22. Nathan Huppatz Talking How To Achieve Online Retail Success


Nathan Huppatz

Achieving Online Retail Success

Nathan Huppatz is a co-founder of costumes.com.au, an online business that has had explosive growth since it began two and half years ago. Nathan began his online retailing career in 1999 and has experience in all aspects of starting, growing and running e-commerce businesses. He gives us an inside look at how he has developed his current business and effectively manage customer relationships. As well as building several e-commerce businesses, Nathan is a speaker and is also the author of the Australian version of Making Money on eBay for Dummies.

During my conversation with Nathan he shares:

  • How customer profiling assists business growth
  • His e-commerce business experiences before costumes.com.au
  • Examples of sales channels
  • Where to start to test online product sales viability
  • How to deliver exceptional customer service
  • The key to dealing with customer complaints
  • How they track customer satisfaction on products and service
  • Why they track marketing campaigns
  • How they plan future marketing campaigns
  • Examples of how they drive business to their website
  • The benefits of e-commerce education; and
  • The lengths costumes.com.au goes to, to make their customers happy.

“We really want to go out of our way to make them happy”-Nathan Huppatz

On e-commerce opportunities: “Just because a category been around for a while, it doesn’t mean you can’t compete or you can’t do well”-Nathan Huppatz

On Ebay: “It’s a great way to test product and help you get some cash flow…and can allow you to focus on building your own brand and to get your own customers”-Nathan Huppatz

“Reputation management is going to be a bigger issue in the next few years than it has in the past”-Nathan Huppatz

“It takes so long to deal with customer complaints if you put up a wall to the customer and make them return a product, fill out a form. Speed is key.”-Nathan Huppatz


Nathan’s Example of a Customer-Centric Business


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