21. Talking Business with The Pain Relief Guy, Nick Schuster

21. Talking Business with The Pain Relief Guy, Nick Schuster


Nick Schuster

The Pain Relief Guy Talks Business

Nickcholas Schuster is very open and honest about how he stands out from his competition and delivers on the ‘Pain Relief Guy’ name. Having his own physiotherapy practice for over 11 years, Nick Schuster has developed systems and practices that he shares with us that makes for great advice. Nick Schuster is a physiotherapist and the director of Scarborough Physiotherapy and Health. Together with his staff, Nick Schuster has helped over 5,000 clients. As a trusted pain expert he is committed to getting people free of pain and moving again.

During my conversation with Nick Schuster he shares:

  • How he came to own a physiotherapy practice at 21 years old
  • Why he walked out on an interview with a government department
  • How to drill down on the specific problems clients have to achieve optimal satisfaction
  • The key questions he asks each client
  • How he builds trust with his patients
  • How he maintains consistency in patient treatment as more staff enter the business
  • Their unique 6-step staff selection process
  • Obstacles he came across during business growth
  • How he knows where his customers are coming from
  • How he’s used social media to market his business; ad
  • The exciting next step in his health business


“The skill is in the communication. It’s the area I’ve worked on quite significantly in the last 3 or 4 years”-Nicholas Schuster

“When you have that first consultation and you can really get inside their head and understand exactly why they’re seeing you, you can get the maximum level of satisfaction from them. And with satisfaction comes the trust relationship being formed quicker.”-Nicholas Schuster

“The recommendation I give is changing and fluid, based on their recovery, and people like this because they know they’re not being treated like a number or via a recipe. On a session by session basis I’m thinking about their condition …I think that helps the relationship that I have with them and the building of trust. They can see that I’m very in the moment during their consultation”-Nicholas Schuster


Nick’s Example of a Customer-Centric Business

  • PEPT Positive Existence Personal Training for the extra value owner Jake provides for his clients.


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