10. Paul Greenberg, new retail

10. Paul Greenberg, new retail


Paul Greenberg

The Voice of New Retail

Paul Greenberg is a pioneer of online retailing. He co-founded Australia’s first online discount department store, Deals Direct. He paved the way then and continues to pave the way for the future well being of the retail landscape in his role as Executive Chairman of NORA – the industry body known as the voice for Australian retail.

During my conversation with Paul, he shares:

  • His belief in education being an essential element to growing businesses
  • The enormous opportunities for CBT (cross border trade) out of Australia
  • What ‘phygital’ means in our retail landscape
  • How surveys played a part in Deals Direct’s strategy
  • The value of the ‘soccer mum’
  • Why EQ (emotional intelligence) is a powerful currency
  • The danger of familiarity in business
  • What personalisation looks like in customer communications
  • Why retail’s detail and the customer has ‘the wheel’; and
  • How customers with complaints can become a high value clients

Paul is all about new retail. Retail that is led by the customer, supported by technology and operates in a borderless environment. He is a passionate industry advocate. You’ll enjoy Paul’s insights into current and future retail trends. Enjoy!

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Who’s customer-centric?

Paul’s example of a customer-centric business:

  • www.nrml.com – customised earphones that won’t fall out

“The key focus for NORA is education…encouraging Australian retailers to seize the cross border trade opportunities with both hands…There’s 7.5 billion people out there looking for our products” Paul Greenberg

“Just call ten customers a day. Do a bit of a temperature check. Get the pulse. Find out what you’re doing right, what you’re not doing right. What they want.” Paul Greenberg

“We’re so busy trying to acquire new customers..there’s a strong swing back to optimising our engagement with existing customers. Retention is a powerful part of the ballgame” Paul Greenberg

“We want to do it all ourselves…The growth of a business over time is about people, it’s about partnerships. It’s never a solo journey.” Paul Greenberg



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