7. Phil Leahy, education to sell more online

7. Phil Leahy, education to sell more online


Phil Leahy

Sell More Online

Who would have thought selling one CD online would mark the beginning of a career that led to creating a global e-commerce event? That’s where Phil Leahy began his online career after a life in radio. This August (2015) he launches the Think Global Retail summit in Las Vegas, a natural progression and addition to Australia’s longest running e-commerce conference and expo, the PeSA Internet Conference. Phil brings together the world’s leaders in e-commerce, retail, social media and marketing to educate retailers on the most up-to-date information to help sell more online.

During my conversation with Phil Leahy, he shares:

  • The necessity of being niche
  • How investing in his own online-retail education paid him back tenfold
  • Why there soon won’t be a differentiation between online & offline businesses
  • Why you must select the best staff for your team
  • How you can start with a $10/day marketing budget
  • Why customer retention is vital
  • What incentives must have
  • Why businesses must find a way to give
  • His advice on monitoring marketing
  • How important word selection is in marketing
  • The power of partnering with non-competing businesses

Bringing together of 50 of the top industry leaders from around the world is no mean feat. Phil understands what it takes to build a business from the ground up. You’ll enjoy hearing his story, advice and insights into what the future holds for the broader retail landscape.

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Who’s customer-centric?

Phil’s example of customer-centric businesses:

“Show your customer you care about them after the sale…because if you don’t, you won’t hold onto them” Phil Leahy



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