54. 25 Years of Titan Success With Reeve Kruck

54. 25 Years of Titan Success With Reeve Kruck

Reeve Kruck

25 Years of Titan Success

I invited today’s guest on the show because I feel like I’ve grown up always knowing this brand. Reeve Kruck is the owner of Titan Sheds and Titan Garages – The Titan Group. A business that was bought in April of 1991 and this year is celebrating it’s 25th year of business. In that time they’ve built over 130 000 structures and now employ over 150 Australians. From home garages and tool sheds through to industrial and commercial buildings, Titan has over 30 distributors in Queensland and New South Wales. Reeve Kruck is well and truly the king of the sheds and a great person to talk to about growing a sustainable business throughout the decades.


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During my conversation with Reeve he shares:

  • How he came to take over Titan Sheds 25 years ago
  • The book he refers to as his ‘bible’ for business
  • His focus on sales over other elements of a business
  • His experience that led to his Titan success
  • The reasoning for his reluctance to take on digital sales tools
  • An insight into the sales conversation processes
  • How he grew to a staff of 150
  • His loyalty to long-term employees
  • How he moved from full time hands-on in the business to work himself out of a job
  • The system he devised to monitor Titan remotely
  • A valuable tip about delegation of work
  • Insights into his business planning processes
  • The ongoing effort put into the sales process
  • Why advertising is still go-to and the spend allocation
  • His commitment to customers
  • The story behind the Titan TV ads now and in the past
  • How he tracks and monitors advertising and marketing spend
  • His advice to scale your business; and
  • His goal for the next 25 years of The Titan Group.


Selected Links For This Episode

“You can have the best systems in the world … but if you haven’t made a sale, you’re out of business. Doesn’t matter what business you’re in. If somebody goes broke, I’ll guarantee within 10kms of that same business, I’ll find somebody in that exact same business going just fine, because they go out and sell, sell all the time” Reeve Kruck

It still involves sitting belly to belly, face to face and getting them emotionally involved” Reeve Kruck


“It’s not the telling process, it’s the selling process. I like my guys to involve the customer all the time” Reeve Kruck


On face-to-face sales over digital sales: “I’m a great believer in that you have to use a whole lot more senses. When you’re talking to the customer, you have to paint a picture. When you’re dealing with somebody and you’re in the person’s backyard and where they want the building to go and you’re involving them and putting stakes in the ground…The whole time, they’re seeing what I’m talking about” Reeve Kruck

On rewarding staff: “You try and do things for people that they really can’t afford to do themselves“ Reeve Kruck


“I believe delegation without supervision is abdication. You need to come back all the time.” Reeve Kruck


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