24. Performance Based Hiring with Richard Triggs

24. Performance Based Hiring with Richard Triggs

Richard Triggs

Performance Based Hiring

How are you sourcing staff? Upon reflection, do you feel like you could make better choices in future staff selection?

Richard Triggs is the Managing Partner of Arete Executive – Executive Search and Career Coaching. Richard specialises in helping clients find the best candidates for key positions. In recruitment for over 10 years and as a regular speaker sharing his skills, techniques and advice with a broad audience, Richard helps business in Australia and internationally find the best person for their executive roles. Recruitment at the big end of town has changed significantly. I found Richard’s knowledge about staff selection insightful, helpful and applicable for both small and medium sized businesses.

During my conversation with Richard he shares:

  • The flaws in the traditional recruitment process
  • The key issues businesses have when hiring
  • How LinkedIn has changed business owners access to talent
  • ‘Performance based hiring’ explained
  • How SME’s can have success in choosing the right person for the job
  • How the same the role probably needs a completely different role description
  • How YOU can significantly improve your recruitment process
  • Why he believes the recruitment industry is dead, never to be resuscitated
  • Tips for how to headhunt your ideal staff
  • How to maximise your opportunity to onboard excellent candidates
  • The one question to ask candidates to identify the best person for the job
  • The 11 factors to consider to appeal to the best candidate


Richard’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business

  • LinkedIn – for support, education and being proactive to assist Richard in how to get better value out of the service
  • Jason Malouin for his headshot photography


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“People, generally, are in roles that they enjoy. They’re working hard, they’re relatively well paid, they’re not actively looking for a new job. So the traditional recruitment process of running an ad has a very low chance of success”-Richard Triggs

Creating staff selection criteria “What does success look like and how can we quantify that? Let’s break that down into 3 months, 6 months and 12 months”-Richard Triggs


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