33. Creating Sustainable Change in Business with Robin Maini

33. Creating Sustainable Change in Business with Robin Maini

Robin Maini

Customer Service Excellence

Robin Maini improves revenue generation through customer service excellence and leadership effectiveness. As a Co-Director of Elite Point 3, a business mentoring and development company, Robin’s focus has always been on sales, marketing, customer service and ongoing leadership development. He’s been a consultant to SME’s and large corporations in Canada, the US and for the last 11 years, Australia.  Since 2004, Robin has focused his efforts on project management and consulting across a variety of industries, improving the consistency of customer service excellence in addition to leadership effectiveness for sustainable business growth.

During my conversation with Robin he shares:

  • The need for consistency of service for customers and your employees
  • What constitutes cultural or workplace change
  • The staff who need to be involved in the workplace change process
  • An example of adjusted communication methods to dramatically increase sales
  • How his work with a retail business challenged industry norms to attract better staff and boosted sales
  • The power in developing partnerships with aligned businesses ($7.4m above target in fact!)
  • How a retail appliance business changed the ‘after sales service’ process to maximise customer satisfaction and boost referrals
  • How post-transaction service can differentiate your business from your competitors
  • How to maximise the ‘buy in’ from staff to improve consistency of excellent service; and
  • Why word-of-mouth marketing is more important than ever before.


Robin’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business

  • The Ritz-Carlton for their consistency of experience from every department (as a guest or a visitor)


Selected Links For This Episode

  • Elite Point 3  – Robin’s Business Mentoring and Development consultancy
  • The Corner Office – Membership based business centre in Brisbane CBD with concierge, high quality technology and video conferencing facilities, bar and lounge.


“Service excellence is better than your customer expects, far above what your competitor can deliver, consistently”-Robin Maini

“The difference between good customer service and excellent service is the consistency of service delivered to every customer by every employee, every day, from every department”-Robin Maini

“Assume your customer is knowledgeable of what they’re looking for before they enter your premises…Product knowledge is a massive gap in a lot of businesses where the salesperson doesn’t know enough about what they’re selling. The consumer loses faith very quickly and goes to the next shop. Whether it’s a restaurant and the waiter doesn’t know what’s on the menu or hasn’t tried it through to a retail store and the person doesn’t know where it’s made”-Robin Maini

“The consumer is very picky on where they spend their hard earned money today. It isn’t just about price any more. People think it is, but it’s not. It’s about quality and trusting the person that’s selling it to you”-Robin Maini

“How you’re going, how can I help you?’ is gone by the wayside. Today it’s, ‘Do you know exactly what you’re looking for? If I don’t have that information, I’ll quickly access it for you. We want to make sure that you know what you’re buying and that we get you the right solution’.”-Robin Maini

“The transaction may end when the customer gives you their credit card but the service starts now. The service starts after they buy, because nobody else does that. Everybody else says thanks for your money, see you later. Now we service, now we follow up, now we check with them.”-Robin Main


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