17. Tim Reid On The Power Of 'Helpful' Small Business Marketing

17. Tim Reid On The Power Of ‘Helpful’ Small Business Marketing


Tim Reid

‘Helpful’ Small Business Marketing

Tim Reid is the host of the show ‘Small Business Big Marketing’, Australia’s No.1 Marketing podcast. Last year Tim spoke at 63 conference in 8 countries on a variety of topics including ‘The Helpful Business’. In this episode we talk about how every business can become the business-of-choice in their industry.


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During my conversation with Tim he shares:

  • The catalyst for leaving corporate marketing to build his marketing consultancy business
  • What led him to create his podcast show
  • How big business is now learning from small business
  • What ‘helpful marketing’ is and how to implement it
  • Share your knowledge with others for fear of competition
  • Marketing essentials vs the ‘bright shiny objects’ in marketing
  • Why you need to get clear on your ‘best mates’ in business
  • The value of identifying the ‘personality traits’ of your business; and
  • The 1 question he asks his clients to begin generating valuable marketing content

Tim spent 20 years in the corporate marketing world, including 10 years at renowned agency Clemenger BBDO looking after global brands including Yellow Pages, Gillette & Dulux. He was Marketing Manager at Flight Centre and also worked alongside Jim Stynes at Reach to bring to life their most profitable fundraising event ever raising over $1M. Tim also helped start Smorgon Steels’ corporate social responsibility division. Tim has been successfully running his own business for the past seven years, where he provides leading edge marketing communications advice to businesses of all sizes. You don’t want to miss the insights and advice that Tim has to offer.


Selected links for this episode

“Help your prospects and your customers can make an informed decision and in doing so, they’ll often make that decision in your favour” Tim Reid

“As business owners we know a lot about our industry so why not share that knowledge?” Tim Reid

“If you don’t tell, you don’t sell. So give it (knowledge) away and watch them come back in droves” Tim Reid



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One comment

  • Brad Beer 30 September, 2015  

    A terrific episode. Always enjoy Timbo’s insights re marketing.

    Brad Beer
    POGO Physio