6. Payroll and protecting your business with Tracy Angwin

6. Payroll and protecting your business with Tracy Angwin


Tracy Angwin

Payroll Powerhouse

Tracy Angwin launched Australia’s first nationally accredited payroll qualifications three years ago. Tracy is author of the book ‘The Payroll Revolution’ and was on BRW’s Fast Starters List in 2013. She specialises in identifying payroll issues, knowledge gaps and optimising business’ existing payroll operations.

During my conversation with Tracy, she shares:

  • Why payroll needs more focus in business
  • How small and big business are on level ground
  • Why payroll needs to stop being an afterthought
  • The difference between payroll and accounts payable
  • Risks associated with payroll errors
  • Why she developed national payroll educational qualifications
  • Why she hires individuals for her small team from around Australia to work remotely
  • Her top 3 tips to ensure an efficient and compliant payroll system
  • Payroll fraud commonalities; and
  • Her goal for the future of payroll careers.

A self described ‘corporate escapee with an obsession for improving payroll compliance and efficiency’, Tracy Angwin is a big picture industry innovator on multiple fronts. While this episode doesn’t have as strong connection to customer-related content as I’d usually share, inaccurate and inefficient payroll management impacts our staff. Inevitably, this affects productivity and employee engagement which potentially flows on to a less impressive or negative customer experience. Tracy shares great advice and insight into the complications of payroll that can be avoided.

How do you profit from your payroll function? It sounds completely counter intuitive but it is proven that the right payroll strategy can have a material impact on your organisation’s bottom line.

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Who’s customer-centric?

Tracy’s example of a customer-centric business:

“The problem with payroll is that it’s often not noticed until something goes wrong” Tracy Angwin



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