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So, being my first blog and all, I thought you might like to know what it is that brings me to write one. The plan is to share no-nonsense advice with small business owners. If when I’d opened my first venue, there had been a place to go to help me get customers and keep them (and give me low-cost methods to do it), life might have been a little less hectic!

In this blog I’ll be sharing my mistakes, lessons learned and the successes too. There will be advice from the industry’s best, people just like you who are successful business owners and are willing to pass on their most valuable tips as well as people who are dedicated to the industry, generous in sharing their knowledge because they want to see our hospitality industry thrive.

I first owned my restaurant in inner city Brisbane, Australia so I know just how tough-going small business can be. I struggled at times and made plenty of mistakes. But positive change came after learning as well as creating and implementing a range of customer-centric initiatives in my business. Getting  to No. 1 on Urbanspoon in our city (Brisbane), winning a Favourite Restaurant in Queensland Award from TV’s Lifestyle Channel and doubling profits were the results. I was stoked!

So what do I do now? I work with small businesses to increase their profits by developing stronger customer engagement. I help owners build value in their business by working with what they already have, their existing customers. Once we get that sorted, we work on getting new customers (this then truly becomes the easiest part of the process!)

Advertising to new customers costs around 5 times more than working with the ones we already have. So, encouraging and motivating existing customers to come back more often makes sense right? They already like you, we just want to get them to come back more often and introduce their friends too! It’s what did it for my business and it will make all the difference to yours too. So much changed when my focus moved to working with and developing our existing customer relationships first instead of the other way around!

This blog is about sharing news and ideas to get more customers, more profits and more freedom in your business. Follow this blog to a valuable and sustainable business.

I look forward to receiving your comments and thanks for reading!



Mel Telecican
The Customer-Centric Coach

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