11. Mindful Business with Dr William Huynh

11. Mindful Business with Dr William Huynh


William Huynh

Mindful Business with Dr William Huynh

Dr William Huynh is not your regular, run-of-the-mill dentist. He is changing the way people think and feel about going to the dentist with his unique, positive and holistic approach. His practice, Be Well Dental receives raving reviews detailing how people with dentist-phobia symptoms have become calm, comforted and able to receive treatment in his practice. Be Well Dental is a family dental practice and our philosophy revolves around balance and happiness. He is consistently referred to and recommended by his existing client base. Listen in and you’ll learn why.

During my conversation with Dr William, he shares:

  • Why people are the most important component of his business
  • The reason behind his emphasis on a positive client experience
  • What he means when he says he is engaged and aware in business
  • Why he recruits staff on values over skills
  • How he’s barely needed to spend a cent on marketing since opening his practice
  • Why his client’s don’t sit in the dental chair on their first visit
  • How he caters for client’s of all ages effectively

William explains why he doesn’t engage in ‘conveyor belt dentistry’ and shares a moving story detailing why he devised his unique approach to modern dentistry. Tune into our chat to learn his daily ritual for business and himself to achieve maximum health and happiness. A very calming, informative and thought-provoking chat with Dr Will I really enjoyed. I’m confident you will enjoy it too.


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Who’s customer-centric?

William’s example of a customer-centric business:

  • Aspire Retire for their transparent, no commissions advice and their respect for customers


“Our agenda is what our patient’s agenda is” William Huynh

Everything that’s worth doing, takes time” William Huynh



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