51. Maximising Sales Through Automation With Barry Moore

51. Maximising Sales Through Automation With Barry Moore


Barry Moore

Maximising Sales Through Automation

Barry Moore is a former e-commerce executive turned marketing automation specialist & podcaster at The Active Marketer.com. He helps business owners put the power of sales funnels and marketing automation to work in their business. Barry is adamant that one way to make your business more customer centric is to stop sending out boring generic ‘newsletters’ that lead customers straight to the unsubscribe button. Barry’s focus on sales and marketing automation is all about putting behavioural triggers and automated communications in place to get the right message to the right person at the right time.


During my conversation with Barry he shares:

  • What automated marketing and sales includes
  • The benefits of setting up automation processes within a marketing plan
  • How to individually track potential customers who come into contact with your business online
  • How automation increases ‘hot’, ‘warm’ and even ‘cold’ leads to sales
  • The type of content that builds trust when communicating to potential clients
  • Behavioural triggers to optimise sales
  • Why ‘one-to-many’ marketing messages is ineffective and what to do instead
  • How to identify problems potential customers have and how to automate their path to the solution (your business!)
  • The need to identify the ‘customer path’ in your business
  • ‘Lead Scoring’ explained
  • Examples of results achieved from automation
  • Where to start to begin an automated process; and
  • The ‘ladder’ sequence to get higher email open rates that transfer to sales


Selected Links From This Episode

  • Netflix – Barry’s example of a Customer-Centric business – For their personalisation of content and new material based on audience data
  • Kent & Lime – an example of how a business personalises their product and content
  • Barry’s Podcast and Business –  The Active Marketer


When creating content for potential customers to consume (example of a Chiropractor):

“What’s someone thinking about who would like their product? They’re thinking, ‘my heels hurt when I run’…” Barry Moore


“Monitor behaviour and provide them information that the behaviour says they want…Try to make the messaging that’s going out from your business as close to a one-on-one conversation as possible” Barry Moore


On Google deliverability in gmail: “ If your email looks like a conversation that two people would normally have, it’s got a better chance of getting to that inbox” Barry Moore


Talking subject lines in email: “People will act to avoid a loss at a greater rate than they will act to gain a benefit. For example, if I had two subject lines that said ‘the 5 foods that will make your healthy’ and the other says’ the 5 foods that are making you fat’ I guarantee that second one is going to get more opens than the first” Barry Moore
“Thinking that everyone wants to hear about your business is probably the biggest mistake…People want to know how your business helps solve their problem” Barry Moore



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