About Mel

Mel Telecican

Having owned and operated her own restaurant business in inner-city Brisbane, Mel learned early on that having great products and service is not enough to keep customers and grow a business.

In a competitive market it’s key to be ‘top-of-mind’ with existing customers. Mel’s success came from creating and refining processes to drive more custom from the people already walking through the doors. She did just that and it gave her business fantastic exposure that led to winning local and state awards, TV and book coverage, doubling profits and the database had grown to 10,000 in just under 2 years!

Mel specialises in helping businesses keep and attract customers and increase their bottom line. Listen to ‘The Customer-Centric Show’ podcast, check out the blog and let us know your feedback. We’re keen to hear who you’d like us to invite onto the podcast too!

Mel Telecican
Podcaster, Blogger, Speaker & Educator