Outstanding Personalised Client Experiences With Dr Bryan West

59. Outstanding Personalised Client Experiences With Dr Bryan West


Dr Bryan West

Outstanding Personalised Client Experiences

Bryan West is the founder of Fortress Learning which was launched in 2009 as a high quality online learning environment. Bryan and his team support around 1500 Certificate or Diploma students each year, with the number carefully controlled to make sure each student gets their full attention.

Fortress Learning’s success is attributed to integrity, honesty and basic courtesy. While many organisations use these words as marketing tools, Fortress has embedded them in all their operations. In times of uncertainty, all questions are answered through reference to the question: “What is the right thing to do?”

No qualification is issued to anyone who is less than competent which for them, is much a business strategy as a commitment to acting ethically. At a time when many training organisations are under the media spotlight for unscrupulous behaviour, Fortress is committed to making sure that their name and logo is trustworthy. Within Fortress Learning, Bryan uses more than 25 years’ teaching experience to untangle the ever-changing regulatory framework and strive to reduce the time students spend jumping through unnecessary hoops.


During my conversation with Bryan he shares:

  • How he came to establish an RTO to deliver programs that exceeds national standards
  • How they individualise their students’ experience with Fortress
  • Why they choose to turn away some applicants
  • How they use phone conversations early in the onboarding process
  • His unique staff engagement approach to create a cohesive team
  • How his business overcame a quiet period and solidified a more effective business model
  • Where their positive word-of-mouth referrals come from
  • Why no sales-y content is key to their marketing aproach
  • How their team builds trust personally and professionally with their clients
  • His sage advice on the potential danger of delegating tasks to allow ourselves more freedom as business owners;
  • How he reduced his 30 hour administrative load to 3 or 4 hours per week


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On staff: “It’s about empowering them. I want people to be as autonomous as possible. The key to autonomy is mastery and purpose. If people know what the bigger picture is, and are aligned with it, and then have the skills to do their jobs then they get the freedom to act accordingly and way they think is appropriate” Bryan West


“In the early days we decided we would stick to our guns with things we wouldn’t take short cuts on. Now, seven years down the track we have people who say they realise the difference and want their team to learn with us” Bryan West





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