12. Creating successful franchises with Elizabeth Gillam

12. Creating successful franchises with Elizabeth Gillam


Elizabeth Gillam

Boosting Franchisee Success

Elizabeth Gillam was an award-winning, multiple-franchise owner in the food industry before mentoring at Franchisee Success. With her extensive experience she mentors owners to become the higher performing franchises in their space. Given her experience running three award winning multi-branded franchised businesses, Elizabeth knows the common problems that face franchisees. The leaders, those that win awards, have highest sales and are the reference point for all other franchisees.

During my conversation with Elizabeth, she shares:

  • The importance of selecting a franchise that aligns with your personality
  • Due diligence processes
  • The value of putting on your ‘business face’
  • How one staff member can impact a team
  • Her top tip in selecting and engaging young employees
  • How to avoid being our own worst enemy in business
  • The value of simplifying goals
  • Why empowering staff is essential
  • How to achieve and enjoy time away from the business; and
  • Effective management of expenses

Elizabeth believes that by teaching franchisees how to monitor their Key Performance Indicators and how to lead their team they can unlock their potential for running a successful business unit.

From the experience of owning and operating three franchises, Elizabeth authored the book ‘Upsize your Profits’. In our conversation she shares her ACE method and what it takes to have a business that is financially performing, has staff that are engaged and allows you a life. If you have a franchise or you’re looking into buying one, you’ll enjoy my chat with Elizabeth.

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Who’s customer-centric?

Elizabeth’s example of customer-centric businesses:

“Getting into conversation and smiling with your eyes is what creates customer connection”-Elizabeth Gillam

“There is nothing better than seeing an excited franchisee running a successful business.”-Elizabeth Gillam



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