18. Client Outcome and Process-Driven Business with Gene Hardy

18. Client Outcome and Process-Driven Business with Gene Hardy


Gene Hardy

Client Outcome and Process-Driven Business

Gene Hardy’s Western Australian tour business enjoys an almost-perfect 5 out of 5 star rating on Trip Advisor. With client outcomes of optimal importance, Gene has developed a variety of tours to accommodate individual and group needs. Heavy on purpose and demonstrating a great passion for his work, Gene has established his business as one of the best in the region. In our interview he shows how he built up his business and lessons learned along the way.

During my conversation with Gene he shares:

  • An extreme project he undertook to deliver client outcomes
  • How to run a business with fluctuating staff needs
  • Opportunities for client feedback
  • How to build on business strengths
  • How to set up your business from the start
  • What he’s done to allow scalability
  • How he creates a work and lifestyle balance; and
  • His one tip to save money and time in business

I discovered Gene’s business while on my first walking-holiday earlier this year. I was struck by Gene and his team’s energy, enthusiasm and genuine love for their work and environment. Gene was open in sharing his business development insights and successes which is why I had to have him on the show! You’ll enjoy Gene’s insights into how he’s established a successful business and his plans for the future.

Gene’s Example of a Customer-Centric Business

  • xero for usability and cost-saving and time-saving benefits

Selected links for this episode

“Automate. There’s no other way…it’s saving hundreds of dollars a week”Gene Hardy

“Think about your business in five years time, from the start, and set it up with specific tasks and roles”Gene Hardy


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