27. Establishing A Children’s Fashion Brand with Petra Jones

27. Establishing A Children’s Fashion Brand with Petra Jones

Petra Jones

Children’s Fashion Marketing

Petra Jones is the host of the very popular podcast, The Mumpreneur Show and kid’s fashion label Mooce. Petra is a fashion designer, stylist and mumpreneur herself. Starting her children’s fashion label in 2012, Petra left corporate life behind to study fashion design and to pursue her passion of designing clothes for kids that are all about standing out, encouraging individuality and confidence. With an online boutique and stocked in childrenswear stores around Australia, Petra shares her experiences from her first two years of running a successful fashion business.

During my conversation with Petra she shares:

  • What led her from a project management career to creating a children’s clothing label
  • How she determines future product lines
  • How to delight her existing clientele
  • Her experiences in sourcing the right staff
  • What is required when detailing a target market
  • Her marketing success to date
  • A new social media approach
  • The most cost-effective advertising approaches for optimal results
  • Ideas for how to track advertising return on investment
  • Her lessons learned during her first two years as a fashion business owner; and
  • Top tips for exceeding customer expectations and building brand advocacy


Petra’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business


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“Without knowing what your customer wants, you cannot grow your business”-Petra Jones

“I know have very loyal customers who have been helping me to win customers over and try my product. It’s like a snowball effect”-Petra Jones

“I think what customers value the most is a consistent, low effort solution to their problems. If it can be delivered quickly, even better!”-Petra Jones

“Get to know your customer the best you can and go the extra mile in service because you never know, that customer could become your brand advocate”-Petra Jones


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