15. Boosting Your Online Effectiveness with Tanya Williams

15. Boosting Your Online Effectiveness with Tanya Williams


Tanya Williams

Boost Online Effectiveness

Tanya Williams is a tradigital specialist. She develops strategy for business combining traditional and digital marketing methods. Tanya is the Vice president of AIMIA in Qld (the Digital Industry Association of Australia), is a speaker and has worked with some of the state’s biggest businesses. Are you avoiding the common pitfalls of a digital presence?


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During my conversation with Tanya Williams she shares:

  • Digital marketing examples
  • How to leverage your existing content
  • Common pitfalls of digital promotions
  • The importance of breaking down your customers’ journey
  • The benefits of simplifying your strategy across channels
  • The effect of implementing a layered, multi-channel approach
  • The top two key communication tools
  • How to identify the most useful social media tool for your target market; and
  • What you MUST do if you choose to use social media for business

Looking to discover what you could be doing to improve your customer relationship and online effectiveness? Tanya Williams gives practical tips that can save you time, money and your business reputation.


Who’s customer-centric?

Tanya’s example of customer-centric businesses:


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