20. Content Marketing With Valerie Khoo

20. Content Marketing With Valerie Khoo


Valerie Khoo

Content Marketing

Valerie Khoo is a journalist, author and adviser/investor in businesses and startups. She is a respected small business commentator in Australia and is regularly featured in the media. Valerie is also the National Director of the Australian Writer’s Centre. As the author of Power Stories: The 8 Stories You MUST Tell to Build an Epic Business, Valerie shares her proven ideas for how business owners can start creating content that connects to both customers and prospects. Marketing King Seth Godin even says “…Valerie will help you understand what you’ve been missing”.

During my conversation with Valerie she shares:

  • How to create stories for business in an afternoon
  • Why you should be yourself when representing your business and brand
  • How to reach and connect with a new audience
  • The importance of identifying where your target market is
  • Why once-a-month content sharing isn’t enough
  • The one key thing to avoid when creating content
  • A warning for what not to do on social media
  • How content can save you money and time
  • How to select the best content writer if outsourcing; and
  • Where to start if creating your own content

Valerie knows what makes for good storytelling across a variety of platforms. She has helped thousands of individuals embrace the power of telling the stories behind the pie charts, behind the graphs and slide decks. Valerie explains the value of the slow-burn content marketing approaches that helps establish businesses and allows you to position yourself as the leader in your industry.


Valerie’s pick as example Customer-Centric Business

  • Zappos for their willingness to solve their customers’ problems


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“..Unearth this wonderful connection with your prospects and customers because all human beings connect to a good story”Valerie Khoo

“Tell the stories that you would tell a colleague”Valerie Khoo

“Content Marketing is a slow burn. It’s establishing yourself as a leader in your industry making people understand that you are the go-to person in your industry”Valerie Khoo

“It’s not just a one-way broadcast. It’s very much about creating relationships”Valerie Khoo



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