37. The Business Of High Performance With Brad Beer

37. The Business Of High Performance With Brad Beer

Brad Beer

The Business Of High Performance

Brad Beer is a Physiotherapist, speaker, health & wellness expert and AMAZON Bestselling Author of the book,’You CAN Run Pain Free! A Physio’s 5 Step Guide to Enjoying Injury Free and Faster Running.’ He is the Director of Pogo Physio on the Gold Coast with a team of 12 staff. Having delivered over 25 000 physio consults, Brad delivers an exceptional service that means his business is the go-to practice for top athletes and high performing individuals. He’s a high performing individual himself who is only days away from competing in the New York Marathon when we catch up to talk business.


During my conversation with Brad he shares:

  • How he transitioned from athlete to physiotherapist practice owner
  • The business’ niche area of focus
  • How his team work to ensure clients are equally committed to end-goals
  • Why the team meets for two separate staff meetings every week
  • The impact of this team’s commitment
  • How he is creating an ecosystem to increase client success
  • How he applies systems and processes for business health
  • Their current digital marketing approach
  • How unpacking his knowledge has created value for potential clients and himself
  • An innovative ambassador program explained
  • His new program to increase clients’ success rate (it’s a win for clients and a win for business. I’m confident there’s an equivalent process for your business too)


Brad’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business


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“Results for our clients are why they engage us. So we continue to build processes and systems to sure up a result”-Brad Beer

“The only way we can deliver a result is to be crystal clear on what it is they’re trying to get done. We’ve termed this the client’s finish line… Once we’re clear on that, we will move heaven and earth to see that’s the outcome they get”-Brad Beer


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