68. Monetising Social Media With The Merrymaker Sisters

68. Monetising Social Media With The Merrymaker Sisters

The Merrymaker Sisters

Monetising Social Media

Emma & Carla Papas are best known as the The Merrymaker sisters. They are  communication professionals turned health and happiness advocates, passionate entrepreneurs and health coaches. These sisters from Canberra have built their brand on three elements – health, happiness and abundance. Once paleo-only recipe creators, Emma and Carla have now relaxed a little on the strict paleo diet recipes but that hasn’t affected their following. They have sold over 10 000 cookbooks, their blog gets over 150 000 visitors every month and they have around 100 000 followers on social media. Their brand is about real food recipes, positive mindset and ways to find and to live your best life.


During my conversation with Emma and Carla they share:


  • How their instagram following determines product and service offering
  • The benefits of instagram for product awareness
  • How their audience has transformed over time
  • The purpose and result of starting a podcast
  • How to find the balance on creating content
  • Their discovery of their point of difference that’s led to their success
  • How they monetise their social media audience
  • What they use to focus and plan content on
  • How and what they choose to outsource
  • How they manage their time successfully; and
  • Their invaluable suggestion they do to nurture business relationships


Emma & Carla’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business



Selected Links For This Episode


“Our core goal is for our audience to leave happier and healthier, whenever we’re writing or creating content we always have those two things in mind” The Merrymaker Sisters


“It’s never really felt like work at all for us and that’s the real joy in what we do everyday” The Merrymaker Sisters


“I will literally schedule every single hour in the week and that keeps us accountable” Carla – The Merrymaker Sisters


“What we’ve done really well that I recommend everyone to do, is when you go to live events, keep up those relationships with people we really connect with…we focus on how we can nurture the relationship so when we do need them they’ll help us, because we’ve already helped them in some other way” The Merrymaker Sisters

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