61. Improved Service And Sales With Roger Simpson

61. Improved Service And Sales With Roger Simpson


Roger Simpson

Improved Service And Sales

Roger Simpson is the CEO of The Retail Solution and has worked in retail himself for over 35 years. His company focuses on helping businesses improve service and sales through better focus on service standards, sales techniques, measurement and follow up. Roger is passionate about service and sales and believes these two areas can be improved dramatically to provide the end customer with a great experience that means more visits and increased sales.


His company helps owners and managers to put in place the skills learnt at their training sessions, by following up in store. The focus is on training managers to be excellent coaches so they can provide ongoing support to their store owners/managers. Over the past 19 years the Retail Solution team have trained in excess of 5000 frontline staff, managers and owners.


During my conversation with Roger he shares:

  • The value of having not-negotiables in the recruitment process
  • The need to establish processes for a consistently positive customer experience
  • The need for staff to understand the ‘why’ for implementing processes
  • A story about a global business that focuses on what customers perceive
  • The benefits of implementing digital customer experience feedback
  • Why research continues to reflect that 96% of customers won’t complain about their negative experience and the resulting impact
  • Why ‘mystery shopper’-style assessment of customer experience can be inaccurate
  • His top tips to boost profitability in retail environments
  • How conversations and connections with customers can lead to sales boosts
  • Why we often set our managers up for failure and how to change this
  • The need for management to be present in the work environment; and
  • His client’s fantastic results using his feedback model approach


Roger’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business

  • The Disney Institute on how they optimise the customer experience  


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“The whole time the customer needs to be in the driving seat on whether they want to buy it or not” Roger Simpson


“It’s not selling stuff to people just to make the sale…because buyer’s remorse is horrendous. We just don’t go back then” Roger Simpson


“I believe most people want to do a good job. They don’t deliberately miss things they just get into bad habits and they haven’t been followed up and that becomes the way they do things. We can intervene to give feedback. If someone’s doing it right give them 5 seconds of praise and it keeps them doing it. If they’re not, it’s a 15-20 second conversation to fix it.” Roger Simpson
“I believe we need to get managers working with their people. A lot of people become a manager because they’ve been there the longest or they’re the best sales person. They’re taken off the floor and you lose your best salesperson. They’re often not the best manager because it’s a different skill set” Roger Simpson




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