42. Experiential Retailing Success With Amy Roche

42. Experiential Retailing Success With Amy Roche


Amy Roche

Experiential Retailing Success

Amy Roche is a Marketer and the Director of Retail Rockstars. Amy has 18 years experience in marketing and retailing, specifically in the appliances industry. Before moving to Australia from the U.S., Amy was the International Marketing Manager of one of America’s most trusted brands, Maytag. For the past 8 years, Amy and her husband have owned a Good Guys – an electronics and appliance store which is one of the most successful in Brisbane. She boosted her store and other stores profitability by ramping up the customer experience. In this episode we’re going to learn just what’s involved in experiential retailing and Amy is the expert who does this daily.


During my conversation with Amy she shares:

  • The need for deeper engagement in her store that led to the creation of Retail Rockstars
  • The difference between product demonstration and experiential events
  • The need for in-person connection to a business in a non-sales environment
  • The move towards experiences to increase customer lifetime value
  • Her thoughts on offering free vs ticketed events
  • Successful examples of customer engagement in other industries
  • How to create communities that are facilitated by your business/brand
  • Examples of genuine, emotional connection created from her experiential efforts
  • Her thoughts on the regularity of events in business; and
  • How to determine themes, ideas and interest groups related to your business


Amy’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business


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“These events are ways to reward your customers who are a little bit engaged. And getting them fully immersed in your brand so that they’re advocates and go out and tell their friends”-Amy Roche

“The longer term impact is around the lifetime value of the customer. We were able to track that and it exponentially increases as people become more engaged”-Amy Roche



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