26. The Direct Mail Marketing Effect With Carl Quested

26. The Direct Mail Marketing Effect With Carl Quested

Carl Quested

Direct Mail Marketing

Carl Quested is the Director of Agent Mail, and he’s a big believer in the power of direct mail marketing. Specialising in the Real Estate space, Carl has recently published the book titled “Alpha Mail” – How to List and Sell More Property Using Direct Mail”. Sending over 3 million letters a year on behalf of major franchises through to small independent businesses, Carl knows the value that direct mail can have in today’s market.

During my conversation with Carl he shares:

  • What direct mail encompasses
  • The value of direct response mail
  • How to build trust with your clients through direct mail
  • What to look for when selecting direct mail services supplier
  • Why growing big is not on their agenda at Agent Mail
  • The necessity of measuring marketing ROI
  • The financial value of actively growing a client database
  • Why segmenting your database is key in real estate
  • An example of an exceptional agent who tailors his content with great results
  • What makes for a good “call to action” in direct mail
  • How direct mail aids building of trust; and
  • The value of the follow-up process beyond direct mail


Carl’s Example Of A Customer-Centric Business

  • Go Via – toll road payment for their forward thinking to avoid potential customer problems with their product


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“Clients who you deal with regularly don’t want you to be selling to them all the time. They often just want to hear from you in a non-sales environment. The people who have never dealt with you have no reason yet to trust you or to refer to you. So you need find some reason for them to interact with you. So the call to action can be more direct”-Carl Quested

“Really Good agents will use their network of builders, electricians, painters, pool builders and they’ll promote those services, rather than their own real estate services to their audience. Because the stats say that they’re not going to move for 7 years on average, you can’t start actively promoting new properties to them. You’ve got to find other ways to have a conversation.”-Carl Quested


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